Larga Vista Ranch

Colorado Raw Milk Dairy Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read all of the FAQs before contacting us with questions. Thank you!

What makes your raw milk superior to other options?

Pasture for nine months a year! Without irrigation, we would only be able to graze native grass during the few months of the year when there is sufficient rainfall, after which hay would be fed. Because of our irrigation water, however, we are able to grow lush mixed-grass and alfalfa pastures for an average of 9 months of the year for the cows to graze! The rapidly growing green grass is what Dr. Weston Price found to impart the highest level of nutrients in milk. Our irrigated grass makes all the difference!

How do I sign up to get raw milk?

You must attend a dairy tour to see our facilities and meet the cows as well as to sign the cow-share paperwork for the State of Colorado and pay for your share. Please check the date of the next tour below and sign up for the next tour by clicking here. Please bring a check or cash with you in case you decide to purchase a share.

Do you have milk shares available now?

We will have some milk shares available soon! You can hold your spot on our waiting list by attending a tour, signing the paperwork, and paying the share purchase price. Once milk becomes available, we will notify you and collect your first monthly boarding fee. Please check the date of the next tour below and sign up for the next tour by clicking here. Shares should be available at the time of the tour or within a couple weeks of it.

When is the next dairy tour?

The next two dairy tours are on Saturday, March 2 and Saturday, March 16, both at 1:30 pm. The meeting place is the farm store and dairy barn. You may sign up for the March 2 tour now or sign up for the March 16 tour after March 2.

I live in Colorado Springs / Monument / Castle Rock. How do I get my milk from you?

Milk is brought weekly to two locations for shareholders to pick up. One is just south of downtown Colorado Springs, and the other is in Black Forest.

What does the milk cost?

Milk shares picked up at the farm are $44 each per month. Milk shares picked up in Colorado Springs are $52 per month (or $50 each for two shares or more). For each share, you will receive one gallon per week and, therefore, 52 gallons per year. There is a one-time price of $40 for each share, and multiple shares may be purchased.

I am unsure about how much I pay each month. Is it $40 or $52?

The initial $40 is paid only once to purchase each cow share. The monthly boarding fee is paid each month and is $44 per share for pick-up at the farm or $52 per share for pick-up in Colorado Springs ($50 per share for more than one share). Half shares are also available, and the prices are half of what is shown above.

How do I make my monthly share payments?

Your options are to pay by cash or check at the pick-up or to send a check to our mailing address. A $5 late fee applies to payments received after the first of the month. You can also make one-time (single-month) payments on our Payments & Donations page. A service fee is included for this option.

What are your cows fed?

Please see our Colorado Raw Milk Dairy and Grass-fed Dairy Cow pages for a full explanation of our grain-free feeding program.